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Raising Awareness and Raising Funds for Eating Disorders

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Fat Talk Free February


The Butterfly Foundation is encouraging you to spread the message of Fat Talk Free February to challenge the norm of negative body image. By engaging with family and friends either at school or at work, and asking them to End Fat Talk, we can change the conversation! This can be done through self-expression, the use of social media and even through the creation of public awareness and or fundraising events. A simple way to show your support for Fat Talk Free February is to SIGN OUR PLEDGE.

Fat Talk describes all the conversations that reinforce unrealistic beauty ideals and contribute to women and men’s dissatisfaction with their bodies. “Do I look fat in this?” “I hate my arms!” and “I wish I had a flat stomach.” These are all examples of fat talk, they may seem harmless but they are powerful statements that reinforce negative body image and left unchallenged, can have a damaging impact on quality of life.

Throughout the month of FEBRUARY, we are asking you to GET INVOLVED and support this campaign in a number of simple ways.

  • - Become a Fat Talk Free Champion and SIGN OUR PLEDGE!
  • - This says that you will say NO to fat talk throughout February.
  • - Organise an event or activity to raise awareness and funds for Butterfly.
  • - Download our campaign posters and resources to assist you in your activities.
  • - Download our Fundraising Planning Kit to get you on your way!

Click here to sign our Fat Talk Free Pledge.

Click here to download our Fundraising Planning Kit.

Fat Talk Free Resources
Fat Talk Free Door Poster
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Promotional Poster 2
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Fat Talk Free February is an opportunity for you to raise funds for Butterfly while challenging the norm of fat talk. So change your conversation and inspire others to work on the way they speak about their bodies!

For more information on Butterfly’s Fat Talk Free February and how you can get involved, email